Vector focusing through highly scattering media via binary amplitude modulation

Qian Zhao, ziqiang wang, Panpan Yu, Yinmei Li, Lei Gong
2019 Applied Physics Express  
High scattering not only scrambles the wavefront and the polarization state of light, but also couples these degrees of freedom. By exploiting this property, we achieve to refocus light through scattering media and control its polarization state by binary amplitude modulation of the incident light. Experimentally, rapid scanning of focal spots with varying polarization states at desired positions was performed by a digital micromirror device. In addition, two foci at perpendicular polarization
more » ... cular polarization states were produced simultaneously behind the scattering medium. The polarization control under multiple scattering is expected to benefit polarization-resolved microscopy and optical manipulation in biomedical research.
doi:10.7567/1882-0786/ab1c65 fatcat:y2ilaggsfnb6xcpo3v6xll4zjm