CLXX. Researches upon cumarine

Hermann Bleibtreu
1845 Memoirs and Proceedings of the Chemical Society  
Mr. F. C. Calvert exhibited and cicscribed tlic preparation and composition of the oxides of lead and their combinations with nitric acid and ammonia, which had fornied'the subject of a series of investigations. Dr. 1%. D. Thomson detailed t!ie results of his late investigations on the fattening of cattle. CLXX. Researches apon Cmaarine. By LH E RM AN N 12 I , E I wr R E u . T I I E attention of chemists has long been attracted to the Asperula odomta, a plant well known in Germany under the
more » ... rmany under the name of CTValdmeister,' and which in many districts, pnrticularly on the Rhine, is employed in the prepayation of the favourite Maitrank ' or Maiwein.' Many experiments have been made for the purpose of separating and investigating the volatile substance contained in the ' Waldmeister,' t o which the Maiwein' owed its agreeable oclour and flavour.
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