[Type text] [Type text] [Type text] Analytic hierarchy process-based elementary and secondary schools' martial arts teaching reformation practice route study

Kuangheng Wu, Jinjin Zhao
2014 An Indian Journal FULL PAPER BTAIJ   unpublished
Physical education and traditional culture combination becomes more and more frequently, martial arts as Chinese historical sports representative, is an important content of elementary and secondary schools' sports courses. However, due to multiple factors impacts, elementary and secondary martial arts physical education course development status are criticized, their teaching reformation is of widely concerns. The paper utilizes analytic hierarchy process, targeted at martial arts contents'
more » ... ehand routine, devices routines, sanda, power law four kinds of sports, it makes research from the degree of attention of the school, students' martial arts understanding status, level of teaching of martial arts teachers, students satisfaction degree, teaching space the five perspectives. Research result shows sanda is best sports event in martial arts teaching, therefore in future reformation process, it should take sanda as main reformation orientation, and further define teaching reformation practice route.