A Quadratic Traversal Algorithm of Shortest Weeding Path Planning for Agricultural Mobile Robots in Cornfield

Le Zhang, Rui Li, Zhiqiang Li, Yuyao Meng, Jinxin Liang, Leiyang Fu, Xiu Jin, Shaowen Li, Changsheng Li
2021 Journal of Robotics  
In order to improve the weeding efficiency and protect farm crops, accurate and fast weeds removal guidance to agricultural mobile robots is an utmost important topic. Based on this motivation, we propose a time-efficient quadratic traversal algorithm for the removal guidance of weeds around the recognized corn in the field. To recognize the weeds and corns, a Faster R-CNN neural network is implemented in real-time recognition. Then, an ultra-green characterization (EXG) hyperparameter is used
more » ... or grayscale image processing. An improved OTSU (IOTSU) algorithm is proposed to accurately generate and optimize the binary image. Compared to the traditional OTSU algorithm, the improved OTSU algorithm effectively shortens the search speed of the algorithm and reduces the calculation processing time by compressing the range of the search grayscale range. Finally, based on the contour of the target plants and the Canny edge detection operator, the shortest weeding path guidance can be calculated by the proposed quadratic traversal algorithm. The experimental results proved that our search success rate can reach 90.0% on the testing date. This result ensured the accurate selection of the target 2D coordinates in the pixel coordinate system. Transforming the target 2D coordinate point in the pixel coordinate system into the 3D coordinate point in the camera coordinate system as well as using a depth camera can achieve multitarget depth ranging and path planning for an optimized weeding path.
doi:10.1155/2021/6633139 fatcat:mcyre4bp2bgidnbake2bkbmeja