Research on Innovative Design of Tea Set in Internet Thinking Mode

Ya-Bin Chen
2017 Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development   unpublished
Objective to analyze the development history of China's tea set and the characteristics of product design of Internet + era. Based on the innovative design of tea tea in tea culture, this paper makes a classification study on the design pattern of Internet thinking, the innovation of tea set, the innovation of tea material, and the human -computer interaction of tea. The results designed to meet the development of the tea more in line with the times, and strive to meet the market requirements
more » ... rket requirements to meet the needs of different groups of people. Conclusion Through the innovative design of tea sets, you can create more innovative products. Combined with the Internet era of thinking, tea will be commercialized, branded, the Chinese traditional "tea culture" to further develop. But also for the new era of product design to open up a new path. Introduction: Tea culture, as part of traditional Chinese culture, has a very long history. With the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of quality of life is also getting higher and higher, people pay more attention to health, tea for tea is more and more stress, tea is not only quench their thirst, but also taste tea ceremony, and tea Contains the cultural heritage. In addition to modern tea in the shape, production process, the use of a great change in the way, how to better with the times? How to design more in line with the needs of modern people's life, including tea design and Internet thinking how to combine? This article will study the above issues. The Background of Tea Design Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, people in the daily necessities are also the pursuit of simple and efficient, most people do not pay attention to tea, and with the material level getting better and better, people began to focus on health, slowly From the previous wine culture to the present tea culture, the process of drinking tea is also more and more attention, from simple thirst to slowly tea, so that tea is not only to have the function of tea, but also to integrate into Chinese culture The spirit of the connotation and human care, therefore, the tea design is now more stylish and simple, easy to use more intelligent, more spiritual connotation, pay more attention to the design culture, while in the handicraft design and market design to seek a balance To ensure that the essence of tea culture can be handed down, but also to adapt to the modern spirit and cultural needs. The design of the Internet era more emphasis on user experience, the past product design is mostly determined by the function, the form of service in the function, this view is fully applicable to the internal operation of the product, but in the Internet age, product form not only depends on the function, more by The user's own psychological feelings and behavior to decide, simply said that the Internet era of each product for the user to design, the product every time users will have the experience, as a one-time use of water to drink hot water, will give the user uncomfortable Experience. Therefore, the product design should adhere to the user's point of view, understand their preferences, so that users make the right choice, remove their worries. Internet era, the traditional experience and structure has been unable to adapt to the Internet era of large data, as Alibaba's online shop, has a huge impact on the real economy, the user's comments have seriously affected the product sales, a good product if cannot afford the test of the user, will not be able to
doi:10.2991/sschd-17.2017.89 fatcat:ouin7podr5ftzelvi5gocbx4ue