Mehmet Emin Bars
2017 Bingöl Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi  
Ziya Gökalp is one of the important figures of the XX. century's Turkish notion and literature scene. He left significant mark on both artists of his era and the posterior ones as a philosopher, scientist, journalist, educator and politician. The new establishments of the era carry his traces of ideology. Gökalp took his mindset from notional sources. He is a nationalist ideologist as well as one of the pioneers of the modern science. He contributed many works of literature to carry out his
more » ... ls and lead Turkish people of Republican era with his notions. Works of folklore have been used on various times for ideological purposes. Especially in the XX. century, they had been heavily worked on and were of importance in the determination and protecting of the national identities. Folk spirit has been sought in folklore. Scientific information has been utilized about the ideological dogmas. Folklore was also used as a propaganda tool to affect vast groups of people about some ideologies. Gökalp is one of these who used folklore for this aim. In this study, tales which have been re-written by Gökalp are analysed according to the folklore doctrine. The tales are examined after some information about the ideological folklore. It is seen at the end of the study that he has written tales to spread the ideology of Turkism among the public community. He has the aim of educating and leading the new Turkish generation with nationalist ideology in this tales. Gökalp used them to unite the new generation around a mutual awareness and specific and to establish a national solidarity. He used tales as a nationalist politic tool.
doi:10.29029/busbed.310989 fatcat:zj7jxoc5wnfs7hqyixyp6ryzoy