Recording augmented reality experiences to capture design reviews

Jouke Verlinden, Imre Horváth, Tek-Jin Nam
2009 International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing  
During design reviews, multiple stakeholders convene to reflect on the quality of intermediate results and to decide upon following steps. As prior research indicates, such design reviews are only partly a structured, rational process; often aspects as trust, hidden agendas or lacking commissioning skills influence this activity. Furthermore, a wide range of media is being used during these meetings, which are difficult to recollect in their context after the event. This research project
more » ... s to improve design reviews in the domain of Industrial Design Engineering by two means: (1) by providing a specific prototyping and annotation device employing physical mockups, (2) by recording both communication between stakeholders and interaction with the prototype to produce comprehensive coverage of the review session. Based on literature and additional case studies, an analysis of the information streams is presented. Furthermore, an Interactive Augmented Prototyping solution is devised. Early verifications show that the recording resolution still requires a lot of fine-tuning, which will be the primary focus prior to a comprehensive evaluation in practice.
doi:10.1007/s12008-009-0074-8 fatcat:tmoeiiihwjh7za23eh7ry4sk6a