Maraña, Gabayno, and Garcia 70 Broadband Continuum Generation in Single-Mode Optical Fiber

B Maraña, J Gabayno, W Garcia
Science Diliman (July-December 2004) 16:2, 70-73 *Corresponding author We report broadband continuum generation in a single-mode step-index optical fiber pumped by the second harmonic (532 nm) of a Nd:YAG laser. The continuum started to appear together with the first-order Stokes at 545 nm with an input power of 11 mW. The appearance of the second-order Stokes is distinctly observed at 557.5 nm for 96 mW input power. The generated continuum spans 123.12 THz (550-712 nm). Asymmetric cross-phase
more » ... odulation-induced spectral sidebands were also observed.