Proceedings of the 4th Student-STAFF Research Conference 2020 School of Computer Science and Engineering SSRC2020 [book]

Alexander Bolotov
This volume contains the proceedings of the 4th Student-STAFF Research Conference of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SSRC2020). This is a traditional, annual forum which brings together, for an one-day intensive programme, established and young researchers from different areas of research, doctoral researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate alumni, and covers both traditional and emerging topics, disseminates achieved results or work in progress. During informal discussions at
more » ... onference sessions, the attendees share their research findings with an open audience of academics, doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students. The SSRCS2020 was held on-line. The specifics of this year's conference was the participation of alumni from the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Sri Lanka) and Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT, Uzbekistan). The event met great interest - it had more than 200 on-line participants, with one session accommodating the audience of 156! The presenters whether they are established researchers or just at the start of their career, not only share their work but also gain invaluable feedback during the conference sessions. Twenty one abstracts of the Proceedings contributed by the speakers at the SSRC2020 are assembled in order of their presentation at the conference. The abstracts cover a wide spectre of topics including the development of on-line knowledge and learning repositories, data analysis, applications of machine learning in fraud detection, bankruptcy prediction, patients mortality, image synthesis, graph DB, image analysis for medical diagnostics, mobile app developments, user experience design, wide area networking, adaptive agent algorithms, plagiarism detection, process mining techniques for behavioural patterns, data mining for reablement, Cloud Computing, Networking and linguistic profiling.
doi:10.34737/v2x14 fatcat:eooxsau4mvcm7gyyleetod4mgm