Multi-UAV Conflict Resolution with Graph Convolutional Reinforcement Learning

Ralvi Isufaj, Marsel Omeri, Miquel Angel Piera
2022 Applied Sciences  
Safety is the primary concern when it comes to air traffic. In-flight safety between Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) is ensured through pairwise separation minima, utilizing conflict detection and resolution methods. Existing methods mainly deal with pairwise conflicts, however, due to an expected increase in traffic density, encounters with more than two UAVs are likely to happen. In this paper, we model multi-UAV conflict resolution as a multiagent reinforcement learning problem. We
more » ... t an algorithm based on graph neural networks where cooperative agents can communicate to jointly generate resolution maneuvers. The model is evaluated in scenarios with 3 and 4 present agents. Results show that agents are able to successfully solve the multi-UAV conflicts through a cooperative strategy.
doi:10.3390/app12020610 fatcat:zv74eywngfh53h2chyxk4y4vke