Two-loop $\mathrm{O(α_sG_Fm_t^2)}$ corrections to the fermionic decay rates of the standard-model Higgs boson

Bernd Kniehl
Lowand intermediate-mass Higgs bosons decay preferably into fermion pairs. The one-loop electroweak corrections to the respective decay rates are dominated by a Savor-independent term of O(Gs m~). We calculate the two-loop gluon correction to this term It. turns out that this correction screens the leading high-mt behavior of the one-loop result by roughly 10%. We also present the twoloop QCD correction to the contribution induced by a pair of fourth-generation quarks with arbitrary masses. As
more » ... xpected, the inclusion of the QCD correction considerably reduces the renormalizationscheme dependence of the prediction.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2017-05392 fatcat:65xnkyavbvci5iragnofy4d3h4