An update list of Pamphagidae Brumster 1840 (Insecta: Orthoptera) of Iran with a key to the genera

Seyed Hodjat
J. Crop Prot   unpublished
The Orthoptera family Pamphagidae is classified differently by various authors. The family recently has been grouped into five subfamilies: Akinerinae, Priotropinae, Tropidauchinae, Nocarodesinae and Pamphaginae. This family has 103 species in Iran. Here, a key to genera is provided which identifies 10 genera with 33 winged species in Trinchini, and 11 genera with a total of 70 wingless species. Saxetania Mischenko and Tropidauchen Saussure have many characters in common and were combined into
more » ... were combined into a single genus in the past. However, here both genera are considered valid with 16 recorded species for Saxetania and 7 recorded species for Tropidauchen. The morphological differences between them are described. A list of Pamphagidae species recorded for Iran is provided with a short revision of their taxonomy.