Stance Detection on Social Media: State of the Art and Trends [article]

Abeer AlDayel, Walid Magdy
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Stance detection on social media is an emerging opinion mining paradigm for various social and political applications wheresentiment analysis might be seen sub-optimal. This paper surveys the work on stance detection and situates its usage withincurrent opinion mining techniques in social media. An exhaustive review of stance detection techniques on social media ispresented, including the task definition, the different types of targets in stance detection, the features set used, and the
more » ... achine learning approaches applied. The survey reports the state-of-the-art results on the existing benchmark datasets onstance detection, and discusses the most effective approaches.In addition, this study explores the emerging trends and the different applications of stance detection on social media.The study concludes by providing discussion of the gabs in the current existing research and highlighting the possible futuredirections for stance detection on social media
arXiv:2006.03644v1 fatcat:hw3qqg2k3vbkjodef764c46ajy