Early Development of the Secretory Cavity of Peltate Glands in Humulus lupulus L. (Cannabaceae)

Eun-Soo Kim, Paul G. Mahlberg
2000 Molecules and Cells  
Early development of the secretory cavity of chemically ®xed peltate glands in Humulus lupulus L. showed secretions with dierent densities, light, gray and dark, in the cytoplasm of disc cells and in the periplasmic space adjacent to the developing secretory cavity. Secretions were detected in the disc cell wall and subsequently in the developing secretory cavity under the subcuticular wall of the sheath. Light and gray secretions in the cavity possessed a membrane-like surface feature.
more » ... ns were in contact with the irregular inner surface of the cuticle. Secretions contributed to the thickening of the cuticle, whereas the membrane-like surface feature contributed to a network of Cannabis striae distributed throughout the cuticle. This study supports an early development and organization of the secretory cavity in H. lupulus, parallel to those in Cannabis, and may represent common features for lipophilic glands in angiosperms.
doi:10.1007/s100590000001 pmid:11101137 fatcat:yqpsvkcjurfwnotbbikpkoabia