The composition of phytoplankton as an indicator of the ecological state of the middle course of the Ural River and its tributaries
Состав фитопланктона как показатель экологического состояния среднего течения реки Урал и её притоков

Gelena Alehina, Julia Verkhoshentseva, Alexander Shamraev, Svetlana Hardikova
2021 АгроЭкоИнфо  
The article presents the results of the analysis of the systematic structure of the algae flora of the studied reservoirs of the Orenburg region. The revealed richness of flora includes 104 species and varieties belonging to 7 divisions, 12 classes, 23 orders, 32 families, 58 genera. The dominant divisions are Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta and Cyanophyta. The total number of microalgae at the study points was dependent on the anthropogenic load on the reservoir. Certain indices of saprobity of
more » ... servoirs indicate the presence of dissolved organic matter in the bulk of the studied reservoirs and pollution of natural waters. Keywords: NATURAL RESERVOIRS, WATER QUALITY, ALGOFLORA, URAL RIVER, SAPROBITY
doi:10.51419/20216601 fatcat:fe4qodwc3fhg5ghc3pixjrltd4