Radiation protection tasks on the Kiev research reactor WWR-M

Yuri Lobach, Valery Shevel
2009 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
Both the de scrip tion of and the op er a tional ex pe ri ence with the ra di a tion pro tec tion sys tem at the re search re ac tor WWR-M are pre sented. The list of the fac tors re gard ing the ra di a tion haz ards dur ing the re ac tor rou tine op er a tion is given and the main ac tiv ities on the ra di a tion safety pro vi sion are es tab lished. The sta tis ti cal in for ma tion for the staff ex po sure, the ra dio ac tive aero sol re leases and the ex ter nal ra di a tion mon i toring
more » ... shown. The pre lim i nary con sid er ations on the sys tem up grad ing for the de commis sion ing are pre sented. Key words: re search re ac tor, ra di a tion pro tec tion, staff ex po sure, ra dio ac tive re lease, ra di a tion mon i tor ing Y. N. Lobach, V. N. Shevel: Ra di a tion Pro tec tion Tasks on the Kiev Re search Re ac tor WWR-M 145 Nu clear Tech nol ogy & Ra di a tion Pro tec tion Tech ni cal pa per
doi:10.2298/ntrp0902145l fatcat:yfln7dlwpvahpg7qtydfvc6dxe