An overview of computer-based natural language processing [report]

William B Gevarter
1983 unpublished
Computer-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the key to enabling humans and their computer-based creations to interact with machines in natural language (like English, Japanese, German, etc. in contrast to formal computer languages). The doors that such an achievement can open have made this a major research area in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. Commercial natural language interfaces to computers have recently entered the market and the future looks bright for
more » ... er applications as well. This report reviews the basic approaches to such systems, the techniques utilized, applications, the state-of-the-art of the technology, issues and research requirements, the major participants, and finally, future trends and expectations. It is anticipated that this report will prove useful to engineering and research managers, potential users, and others who will be affected by this field as it unfolds. I *This report is part of the NBS/NASA series of overview reports on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
doi:10.6028/ fatcat:p7pnknn6engevdsbpkszpjmj6m