自立 高, 汉强 林, 劲飞 徐, 泽瑶 曾
2020 智能城市应用  
With the development of information network and the improvement of public awareness of drug safety, the transparency of drug supply chain has attracted great attention from the government, enterprises and the public, and the construction of drug information traceability system is imminent.Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the construction standards of drug information traceability system, such as Guidelines for drug traceability information system construction and General
more » ... ules for drug traceability code, to guide the participants in drug information traceability to select appropriate traceability code for the construction of traceability system. This paper analyzes the current situation of National Drug Codes and typical drug traceability codes in China, expounds the relationship between related codes, and gives some suggestions on the preparation of drug traceability codes.
doi:10.33142/sca.v3i2.1851 fatcat:2da3hj52xjfuxdn32teqsd4yu4