Silver Diamine Fluoride in Arresting Dentinal Caries in School Children

2020 Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development  
In recent years, remineralisation of caries lesions has gained acceptance in the practice of minimally invasive dentistry and caries arrest treatment is being promoted as a part of basic oral health care. Silver diamine fluoride(SDF) has shown to be effective in arresting active caries in primary teeth. Whether a higher caries arrest rate can be achieved through more frequent application is unknown, hence in our study we had sought to explore this aspect. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of
more » ... ree different frequencies of application of SDF in arresting active dentinal caries primary teeth. Methodology: 48 children aged 5-8 years were divided into three groups, group 1 who received monthly applications of SDF for three months, group 2 who received three monthly applications of SDF for 6 months and group 3 received 6 monthly applications. Active caries surfaces were recorded at baseline examination and SDF was applied. No attempt was made to excavate caries. Active and arrested caries were recorded at 6 months and one year for all the groups. Results: Allthree application protocols were effective in arresting caries at the end of 6 months and one-year. Inter-group comparison of active caries surfaces showed no statistically significant differences at the end of 6 months. At one year follow up there were statistically significant differences between the three groups, with caries arrest rate highest in group I, followed by group II and then group III. Conclusion: Significant caries arrest was seen in all three application protocols of SDF at the end of six months as well as one year follow up. The one monthly application of SDF was most effective in arresting dentin caries in primary molars of children followed by the three monthly application and the 6 monthly application. Increasing the frequency of application of SDF solution can increase the caries arrest rate.
doi:10.37506/ijphrd.v11i3.1218 fatcat:yzwyktmybvgjhlxcwq3oz2mxti