Dynamic Response of Articulated Offshore Wind Turbines under Different Water Depths

Pei Zhang, Shugeng Yang, Yan Li, Jiayang Gu, Zhiqiang Hu, Ruoyu Zhang, Yougang Tang
2020 Energies  
Focusing on the transitional depth offshore area from 50 m to 75 m, types of articulated foundations are proposed for supporting the NREL 5 MW offshore wind turbine. To investigate the dynamic behaviors under various water depths, three articulated foundations were adopted and numerical simulations were conducted in the time domain. An in-house code was chosen to simulate the dynamic response of the articulated offshore wind turbine. The aerodynamic load on rotating blades and the wind pressure
more » ... load on tower are calculated based on the blade element momentum theory and the empirical formula, respectively. The hydrodynamic load is simulated by 3D potential flow theory. The motions of foundation, the aerodynamic performance of the wind turbine, and the loads on the articulated joint are documented and compared in different cases. According to the simulation, all three articulated offshore wind turbines show great dynamic performance and totally meet the requirement of power generation under the rated operational condition. Moreover, the comparison is based on time histories and spectra among these responses. The result shows that dynamic responses of the shallower one oscillate more severely compared to the other designs.
doi:10.3390/en13112784 fatcat:6opjanwf6zfxlb7rrygjjqq6fy