Evaluation of speaker-dependent and average-voice Vietnamese statistical speech synthesis systems

Duy Ninh Khánh
2019 Journal of Science and Technology Issue on Information and Communications Technology  
This paper describes the development and evaluation of a Vietnamese statistical speech synthesis system using the average voice approach. Although speaker-dependent systems have been applied extensively, no average voice based system has been developed for Vietnamese so far. We have collected speech data from several Vietnamese native speakers and employed state-of-the-art speech analysis, model training and speaker adaptation techniques to develop the system. Besides, we have performed
more » ... al experiments to compare the quality of speaker-adapted (SA) voices built on the average voice model and speaker-dependent (SD) voices built on SD models, and to confirm the effects of contextual features including word boundary (WB) and part-of-speech (POS) on the quality of synthetic speech. Evaluation results show that SA voices have significantly higher naturalness than SD voices when the same limited contextual feature set excluding WB and POS is used. In addition, SA voices trained with limited contextual features excluding WB and POS still have better quality than SD voices trained with full contextual features including WB and POS. These results show the robustness of the average voice method over the speaker-dependent approach for Vietnamese statistical speech synthesis.
doi:10.31130/jst-ud2019-035e fatcat:5rnzfzyqobe6tdapvu3exwvc7m