Determining rotation cycle and distribution frequency for a vendor-buyer integrated multi-item system considering an external provider and rework

Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu, Hui-Cun Chen, Huei-Hsin Chang, Ming-Hon Hwang
2019 International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations  
Transnational corporations, which operate in competitive global marketplaces, have to build the best possible intra-supply chain model for meeting, on time, clients' need for multiple products with the requisite quality. Since fabrication capacity is always limited, the introduction of the external provider option can assist in leveling utilization, smoothing manufacturing schedules, eliminating overtime usage, and shortening the length of the fabrication cycle. Seeking to support intra-supply
more » ... pport intra-supply chain planning, this research aims to provide a concurrent decision on rotation cycle length and delivery frequency for a multi-item vendor-buyer incorporated type of intra-supply chain system with an external provider and rework. First, a model is built to represent this hybrid inventory replenishing problem. Then, renewal reward theory, mathematical derivation, and Hessian matrix equations are utilized to arrive at the expected total cost of the model, as well as the best policies for both cycle time and distribution. Last, the applicability and sensitivity analyses of our results are exhibited by a numerical demonstration. The insights obtained from this study about critical system-related information, such as the individual and joint impacts of the variation in outsourcing and reworking-related features on the system's optimal operating policy and various performance parameters, will offer crucial help to the managerial functions of planning and decision making in firms using this realistic multi-item hybrid intra-supply chain system.
doi:10.5267/j.ijiec.2019.4.001 fatcat:orbijusxcfbflkmxcifq52brte