Industrial applications demanding low and high resolution features realized by soft UV-NIL and hot embossing

R. Miller, T. Glinsner, G. Kreindl, P. Lindner, M. Wimplinger, Frank M. Schellenberg, Bruno M. La Fontaine
2009 Alternative Lithographic Technologies  
There are several applications either currently in production or in late stage R&D, for UV-based Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL) and Hot Embossing (HE) that require a full-field imprint technology in order to make these processes either feasible or costeffective. These applications cover a wide range of features sizes from the millimeter range down to sub-100 nm. Because of the total thickness variation (TTV) associated with the imprinted substrates, full-field imprinting requires fabrication
more » ... quires fabrication of a "soft" or "working" stamp from a "hard" stamp usually made from materials such as nickel, quartz or silicon. Several materials and processes have previously been identified that allow for full-field imprinting, however, these materials all have drawbacks associated with them that hinder their movement into High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) environments. EV Group Inc (EVG) has, in cooperation with our NILCOM™ partners, identified a novel set of polymeric materials and stamp fabrication processes that allow for full-field imprinting solutions suitable for these HVM environments. These materials have proven effective for imprinting at both millimeter feature sizes all the way down to 50 nm -full field. These materials, and the processes associated with their fabrication into working/soft stamps, should allow for a superior cost-of-ownership benefit and facilitate the movement of imprint lithography into industrial applications.
doi:10.1117/12.814102 fatcat:4apbx544rbdglb2mhvnjvhinee