Human Security in a Post-conflict Livelihoods Change Context: Case of Buni Yadi Northeast Nigeria

Lukman Ahmed Lawal
This study investigates the extent to which post-conflict livelihoods change may contribute to conflict recurrence and a threat to human security. Post-conflict livelihoods studies (e.g. for too long focused on refugee and internally displaced person camp settings. Justino (2009; 2011a; however, argues that these are inadequate in providing sustainable post-conflict peace not only because of the restricted focus on refugees but failure to address the fundamental livelihoods changes and the
more » ... fic implications. This study examines the nature of livelihoods changes in a post-conflict transition non-camp context. It draws on Justino to adapt then use the sustainable livelihoods framework for the analysis of post-conflict livelihoods changes as a possible precursor for conflict recurrence in a non-camp setting. The study utilises a case study design, Buni Yadi, North-east Nigeria for an empirical investigation of a post-conflict scenario. It employs a mixed methods approach combining quantitative surveys, observations and in-depth discussions with men and women whose livelihoods have been disrupted following the Boko Haram insurgency to analyse post-conflict predicaments. The outcomes of the empirical investigation suggest heterogeneity in the livelihoods changes. Although they are mainly negative, evidence of positive resilience for the youths and women groups is observed. The study also found that post-conflict vulnerabilities are similar for camp and non-camp contexts in that the livelihoods experiences in the non-camp are mostly the extension of the camp conditions. However, while the livelihoods vulnerabilities in the camp contexts relate to legal, administrative, movement and economic restrictions, the existence of these challenges for the non-camp setting are insignificant. Instead, it is chronic post-conflict livelihoods deficiencies that are critical.
doi:10.24384/17ga-4v18 fatcat:aupzbsukijai7edkhbtpv6fxim