Physicochemical, Thermal and Spectroscopic characterization of the Energy of Consciousness Healing Treated Copper Chloride

Snehasis Jana
2021 Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science  
Copper is considered as the essential trace mineral as it is the important component for the enzyme systems involved in red and white blood cell formation, iron transport and metabolism, and immune function. It acts as a cofactor for serum ceruloplasmin, which is vital for proper formation of the iron carrier protein, transferring [1]. The copper is also given during TPN that helps in preventing the deficiency symptoms such as, anemia, leukopenia, decreased ceruloplasmin levels, neutropenia,
more » ... ondary iron deficiency, impaired transferrin formation, and osteoporosis [2] . It is also needed in the body regarding the function of several proteins, such as, ceruloplasmin, superoxide dismutase, cytochrome c oxidase, dopaminebeta-hydroxylase, lysyl oxidase, and tyrosinase. Moreover, it helps the body to use the iron and sugar and plays important role in nerve function and bone growth [3] . The body also required it for the normal growth and health [4] . Copper can be combined easily with other metals to make alloys. The first alloy produced was copper melted with tin to form bronze.
doi:10.31031/amms.2021.06.000633 fatcat:kiigwdl2avf2dluf6lqvw6qege