Global convergence of quorum-sensing networks

Giovanni Russo, Jean Jacques E. Slotine
2010 Physical Review E  
In many natural synchronization phenomena, communication between individual elements occurs not directly, but rather through the environment. One of these instances is bacterial quorum sensing, where bacteria release signaling molecules in the environment which in turn are sensed and used for population coordination. Extending this motivation to a general non- linear dynamical system context, this paper analyzes synchronization phenomena in networks where communication and coupling between
more » ... upling between nodes are mediated by shared dynamical quan- tities, typically provided by the nodes' environment. Our model includes the case when the dynamics of the shared variables themselves cannot be neglected or indeed play a central part. Applications to examples from systems biology illustrate the approach.
doi:10.1103/physreve.82.041919 pmid:21230325 fatcat:vydht42pwvea7geydd4urfgkrq