Narrative Review about Importance of Nutrition on Survivors and in the Prevention of Cancer
Revisão narrativa sobre a importância da nutrição em sobreviventes e na prevenção do câncer

Giovanna Guimarães Lopes, Renan Gianotto Oliveira, Silvia Maria Fraga Piovacari, Maria do Carmo Azevedo Leung, Diogo Oliveira Toledo, Ana Paula Noronha Barrere
2019 Brazilian Journal of Oncology  
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Brazil. This study aimed to review the nutrition role in prevention and post-treatment of cancer as a health promoter. Regarding prevention, when analyzing lifestyle (obesity and physical activity), there was a positive correlation between body mass index and body fat with incidence in several types of cancer; physical activity shown an inverse correlation. Ethanol consumption, frying, red meat and processed meats eaten carefully or even avoided.
more » ... or even avoided. Differently, the consumption of fruits and vegetables should be stimulated. Bioactive compounds are shown with well elucidated actions, and also as a healthy eating habit. In relation to survivors, the healthy lifestyle is capable of ensuring a better quality of life for this population, as well as preventing them from new diseases. This review highlights the importance of adequate lifestyle and eating habits, stimulates public health policy and more scientific research in this field. ABSTRACT
doi:10.5935/2526-8732.20190015 fatcat:4bsmjy2dt5behcslk5h7p6dgxm