Predicting Dynamic Replication based on Fuzzy System in Data Grid [article]

Mahnaz Khojand, Mehdi Fatan Serj, Sevin Ashrafi, Vahideh Namaki
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Data grid replication is an effective method to achieve efficient and fault tolerant data access while reducing access latency and bandwidth consumption in grids. Since we have storage limitation, a replica should be created in the best site. Through evaluation of previously suggested algorithms, we understand that by blind creation of replications on different sites after each demand, we may be able to improve algorithm regarding response time. In practice, however, most of the created
more » ... ions will never be used and existing resources in Grid will be wasted through the creation of unused replications. In this paper, we propose a new dynamic replication algorithm called Predictive Fuzzy Replication (PFR). PFR not only redefines the Balanced Ant Colony Optimization (BACO) algorithm, which is used for job scheduling in grids, but also uses it for replication in appropriate sites in the data grid. The new algorithm considers the history usage of files, files size, the level of the sites and free available space for replication and tries to predict future needs and pre replicates them in the resources that are more suitable or decides which replica should be deleted if there is not enough space for replicating. This algorithm considers the related files of the replicated file and replicates them considering their own history. PFR acts more efficiently than Cascading method, which is one of the algorithms in optimized use of existing replicas.
arXiv:1804.02963v2 fatcat:bsfvbntvgzhr7bt6oklrnbpxra