Latest Buyer's Need in Shopping Malls

Rijwan Ahmed Mushtak Ahmed Shaikh
2017 IBMRD s Journal of Management & Research  
Paper discuses the need of today's buyer in shopping malls. The study helps to know the basic requirement of the buyer for promotion of sale. A survey shows the need of food court and security with transport facility and position of shopping mall for its progress. The scheme of the paper has introduction & literature review with data analysis based on questionnaire regarding buyer's choice. Introduction In 1990's and early 2000, only higher class or upper middle class families use to purchase
more » ... s use to purchase from shopping malls. It is seen now a days that almost all cadre of people are shopping from malls. This is because of many factors like the product cost, offers, service after sale, range of products, etc. There are some more factors which play role towards attraction of common man towards shopping malls. They are mall ambience, environment, entertainment, food, etc. For a common man shopping mall is a place of purchase from groceries to clothing's and electronic accessories at the same time a good entertainment place for children and other family members. A survey was conducted in this regard to know the views of a common man regarding security, transportation, position of mall and food court available at the mall. The responses we received are analysed below. A literature review regarding malls and its impact on the organised retail is also presented with the introduction. The table of statistics and related charts are in the later part of paper to present statistical evidences, for the paper. Interpretation of charts is also written before concluding the paper. The literature studied consists of research papers from reputed journals, articles published in books, etc. (Arora, 2012) research concludes that organized retailing is accepted well and majority of the respondents perceive it to be either better or equally good as traditional retailing. People have a favourable inclination and perception towards the modern retail formats as they like shopping from an organized retail outlet or a shopping mall. The research concludes that people prefer a combination of both a traditional retailer as well as a modern retailer for satisfying their day to day requirements. (Poojari, 2012) study reveals that in the Indian context, demographic factors of consumers have an influence on buying behaviour of people towards emerging shopping malls. Demographic factors of Gender, Age, Monthly Income, Occupation, Marital status and Qualification influence the attitudes and perception of buyers toward shopping malls. It was found that Demographic factors majorly influence the buying behaviour of people from traditional store to organized retail stores. Even entertainment & parking space given by the malls plays a vital role in the working of malls.(Satnam Kour Ubeja, 2012) study investigated the customer satisfaction with respect to sales promotion mix in shopping malls and to study variations in the customer satisfaction with respect to sales promotion mix across different demographic variables in (Min-Young Lee, 2006) studied comparison between demographic composition and retail attributes for four competing retailer formats: (a) regional malls, (b) supercenters, (c) category killer, and (d) warehouse clubs. (Vipul Patel, 2009 ) made an attempt to study the motivations that people go shopping in mall. A mall intercept survey was conducted to study the shopping motivation of India shoppers. This study identified three utilitarian convenient shopping, economic shopping and achievement shopping and six hedonic shopping motivations shopping enjoyment, gratification shopping, idea of shopping, shopping for aesthetic ambiance, roll shopping, and social shopping (Ramaswamy V. S., 2013) wrote a book mainly related with marketing management. Some of the important points related to strategic planning are discussed that, it is recommended for managers and students seeking knowledge regarding marketing management, strategic planning and decision-making. Analysis 4: Transportation Because shopping malls are located at outskirts of city, transportation becomes a problem for most of the respondents. Those having their own vehicles can offer to visit the shopping malls frequently, but others have to pay huge tariff to reach to the shopping mall. Chart 4: Responses of Transportation to Shopping Mall The chart 4 statistics shows about 35% of responses were average or below. Transportation cost, driving time and difficulty, parking problem, pollution, etc comes into picture when location of shopping mall is at a distance from town. This can be reduced on deciding a better reachable place to majority of population residing in that town. Suggestions and Conclusion The thirst of the customer for innovative and modern conceptual malls will be constant. Each mall has its own positives and negatives. The positioning of the every mall will matter at the end. The mall whose positioning is well aligned with the customer's psychology that matches well enough with his behavioural traits will long last. In ever dynamic market the possibility of one sure shot marketing strategy is very less. The transportation to a particular mall may be poor but it all depends ultimately on the comprehensive marketing strategy that helps in raising footfall of the customers. The mass promotions, celebrity events, book launch, movie promotions, music concerts will help in raising footfalls even though transportation. The no. of anchor food courts and shops are responsible for bringing limelight to any mall. The mall's facility management viz. Infrastructure management, Ambience management, Traffic Management have final impact on malls overall performance. This research paper tries to find the role customer retention of shopping centre and Leisure Attractions, Location, Accessibility etc. These factors play critical roles in the progress of the mall. The malls are not place for shopping but are place of get together; spend quality leisure time. Out of 4P's of marketing, one P is Place that plays an important role in the progress of shopping mall.
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