Entrepreneurship education, intention, and self efficacy: an examination of knowledge transfer within family businesses

Muhammad Hasan, St. Hatidja, Abd. Rasyid R., Nurjanna Nurjanna, Abdi Sakti Walenta, Juharbi Tahir, M. Ikhwan Maulana Haeruddin
2020 Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues  
The problems in family business focus more on the issues of leadership and ownership transfer. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a specific survey on the process associated with intergenerational knowledge transfer between entrepreneurship education, selfefficacy, and entrepreneurial intentions for future next generation. This study examines and analyses the effect of entrepreneurship education in families on self-efficacy and to test its impact on entrepreneurial intentions on future
more » ... rations. According to the study's findings, entrepreneurship education has a major impact on entrepreneurial intentions self-efficacy. The resulting implication is that entrepreneurship education ought to be started and advanced in the family setting, with knowledge being transferred to the next generation by their predecessors. Further, it can foster awareness of the coming generations to amplify their abilities and interests. This is an explanatory research with a quantitative approach and a sample population, which consists of 1455 family businesses in the Makassar city, with a total sample of 150 running for at least two generations. The results show that entrepreneurship education has a significant effect on self-efficacy on entrepreneurial intentions. The implication of this finding shows that entrepreneurship education needs to be started and developed in the family environment, with the transfer of knowledge from the predecessor to the next generation. It also has the ability to foster awareness of future generations to increase their interests and abilities. Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Hasan, M., St. Hatidja., Rasyid R., A, Nurjanna, Walenta, A.S., Tahir, J., Haeruddin, M.I.M. 2020. Entrepreneurship education, intention, and self efficacy: an examination of knowledge transfer within family businesses, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, 8(1), 526-538. http://doi.org/10.9770/jesi.2020.8.1(37) JEL Classifications: A29, I25, L26, M21 Additional disciplines (besides field of economics reflected in JEL classifications): entrepreneurship; psychology; educology.
doi:10.9770/jesi.2020.8.1(37) fatcat:kcau5jgf6beadeii6g4xaycmie