Anatomical variances and dimensions of the superior orbital fissure and foramen ovale in adults

F Burdan, W Umławska, W Dworzański, R Klepacz, J Szumiło, E Starosławska, A Drop
2011 Folia Morphologica  
The aim of the study was the retrospective morphological analysis of selected structures of the middle cranial fossa, i.e. foramen ovale and superior orbital fissure, in relation to the external head and cranial diameters in adults from the Lublin region (Poland). The study was performed on data collected during computed tomography examinations of 60 individuals (age 20-30 years), without any cranial or brain abnormalities. Based on the post-processing reconstructions, 3-dimensional views of
more » ... skull and head were obtained. The length and width of both structures, as well as thickness of the frontal, temporal, and occipital squamae, were measured. The morphology of the ovale foramina and superior orbital fissures were checked. The length and width of the skull and head were the only parameters that significantly differed between males and females. The thickness of the frontal and temporal squama was insignificantly lower in males than in females. Almond and oval shapes were the most typical for the foramen ovale. The superior orbital fissure was found as a wide form - with or without accessory spine originating from its lower margin or as a laterally narrowed form. The length and width of the foramen ovale were insignificantly higher in males than in females. The same results were found for the area of the right superior orbital fissure. The thickness of the frontal and occipital squamae influenced the thickness of the temporal squama. The analysed individuals had asymmetrical, oval, or almond-shape ovale foramina. Unlike the seldom visible laterally narrowed form of the superior orbital fissure, a wide form with or without accessory spine was the most commonly observed. The diameters of both superior orbital fissures and ovale foramina indicated the asymmetry of the neurocranium.
pmid:22117244 fatcat:4ltlu7g455hn7g5c2a3vthxs4u