Saber de Sabios y saber de Profetas: la controversia maimonideana y Sem Tob Ibn Falaquera / Wises' Wisdom and Prophets' Wisdom; the Maimonidean Controversy and Shem Tob Ibn Falaquera

2009 Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval  
This article includes a study about the preface of Moreh ha-Moreh, a philosophical commentary on Guide for the Perplexed written by Sem Tob ibn Falaquera at the end of XIIIth century. In this introduction Sem Tob ibn Falaquera defends Maimonides and his works. In addition, he exposes his opinion about different subjects, like the nature, the determining factors and limits of philosophical labour or the harmony between reason and faith.
doi:10.21071/refime.v16i.6179 fatcat:3jtk6c747bd7xmq67jl3yovqga