Tourist Activity in North-Eastern Romania from the Regional Development Perspective

Adrian Scutariu, Carmen Năstase, Mihai Popescu
2009 unpublished
The goal of this paper is to study the NorthEastern region as compared to the other Romanian regions, according to their general development and to their tourist activity, using the ranking method applied to four relevant indicators. Ranking the regions by their overall development and their tourist activity will lead us to the idea that there are low developed regions in which tourism has an acceptable level, but it must be boosted for a better development of those regions. The NorthEastern
more » ... ion is ranked last in both classifications. However, the presence of tourism among the priority domains in the Regional Operational Program, financed by The European Fund for Regional Development, creates the premises for the development of this domain and for region potential capitalization, by means of European financing. By tourism development, other domains can also be boosted, leading to a higher development level of the area.