Building Footprint Extraction from High-Resolution Images via Spatial Residual Inception Convolutional Neural Network

Penghua Liu, Xiaoping Liu, Mengxi Liu, Qian Shi, Jinxing Yang, Xiaocong Xu, Yuanying Zhang
2019 Remote Sensing  
The rapid development in deep learning and computer vision has introduced new opportunities and paradigms for building extraction from remote sensing images. In this paper, we propose a novel fully convolutional network (FCN), in which a spatial residual inception (SRI) module is proposed to capture and aggregate multi-scale contexts for semantic understanding by successively fusing multi-level features. The proposed SRI-Net is capable of accurately detecting large buildings that might be
more » ... that might be easily omitted while retaining global morphological characteristics and local details. On the other hand, to improve computational efficiency, depthwise separable convolutions and convolution factorization are introduced to significantly decrease the number of model parameters. The proposed model is evaluated on the Inria Aerial Image Labeling Dataset and the Wuhan University (WHU) Aerial Building Dataset. The experimental results show that the proposed methods exhibit significant improvements compared with several state-of-the-art FCNs, including SegNet, U-Net, RefineNet, and DeepLab v3+. The proposed model shows promising potential for building detection from remote sensing images on a large scale.
doi:10.3390/rs11070830 fatcat:7sw5tw72n5efdcv6ai65hi3k4u