Signals in the tidal deformability for phase transitions in compact stars with constraints from GW170817

Jan-Erik Christian, Andreas Zacchi, Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich
2019 Physical Review D  
We compute the tidal deformabilities for neutron star merger for equations of state with a strong first order phase transition producing a new separate branch in the mass-radius diagram. A case is found where all three possible pairs of combinations between these two neutron star branches are present for the total mass of M=2.7M_ of the observed merger event GW170817. It is demonstrated that the plot of the two tidal deformabilities Λ_1 and Λ_2 of the binary neutron star can show up to three
more » ... arate branches. We propose that the future detections of neutron star merger events with the same value for Λ_1 but different values of Λ_2 serve as a signal for the existence of a strong first order phase transition in neutron star matter.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.99.023009 fatcat:eh3c7z2t5zeojf6k5n4vazpmcq