Occurrence of Lophogaster spinosus Ortmann

P Abelló, J Canoura, J Gil
2011 unpublished
Occurrence of Lophogaster spinosus Ortmann, 1906 (Crustacea, Lophogastrida) in the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic).-The occurrence of the lophogastrid crustacean Lophogaster spinosus is reported for the Gulf of Cadiz waters, in the NorthEast Atlantic. This is the first report of the species for the Iberian Atlantic region. Samples were collected by demersal trawling during a fisheries research survey performed in March 2008. A total of four specimens were collected at three sampling sites. Depths
more » ... ing sites. Depths of occurrence ranged between 363 and 548 m.