The Correspondence Theory of Truth [book]

Marian David, Michael Glanzberg
2018 Oxford Handbooks Online  
A classical formulation of the correspondence theory of truth tells us that truth is a general relational property, involving a characteristic relation to some portion of reality. The relation is said to be correspondence; the portion of reality is said to be a fact. Even so, the theory has a lengthy history, and many versions relied on objects rather than facts. This chapter reviews the various options for formulating a correspondence theory of truth, along with the relata they presuppose, and
more » ... the nature of the correspondence relation they rely upon. It concentrates on fact-based theories, and the nature of the truth-bearers and facts they presuppose.
doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199557929.013.9 fatcat:gfdnkx3b3zhhhmn7hcefcjjyte