Fat brane phenomena

A. De Rújula, A. Donini, M.B. Gavela, S. Rigolin
2000 Physics Letters B  
Gravitons could permeate extra space dimensions inaccessible to all other particles, which would be confined to "branes". We point out that these branes could be "fat" and have a non-vanishing width in the dimensions reserved for gravitons. In this case the other particles, confined within a finite width, should have "branon" excitations. Chiral fermions behave differently from bosons under dimensional reduction, and they may --or may not-- be more localized than bosons. All these possibilities
more » ... are in principle testable and distinguishable, they could yield spectacular signatures at colliders, such as the production of the first branon excitation of γ's or Z's, decaying into their ground state plus a quasi-continuum of graviton recurrences. We explore these ideas in the realm of a future lepton collider and we individuate a dimensiometer: an observable that would cleanly diagnose the number of large "extra" dimensions.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(00)00479-2 fatcat:onvjkbrbwjgp7d6cy32o6a5cru