Reducing Overhead Costs to Data Owners with Data Confidentiality in Cloud Computing Using Encryption Technique

Geetanjali Dadi, Amarendra Kothalanka
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Cloud computing is to place an important role for sharing data through a group of members. While sharing data with a group of people, privacy and security of shared data is of more concern. To provide security and privacy of data the cloud technologies provides encryption of stored data. However, whereas encryption assures the confidentiality of the data against the cloud, the use of conventional encryption approaches is not sufficient to support the enforcement of fine-grained organizational
more » ... cess control policies. In this paper we have proposed secret key share signature schema for the verification of users and prime order Xor group key generation is used for the generation of group key. For the purpose of data encryption and decryption we are using advanced encryption standard. By implementing those concepts we can provide authentication of users and also provide data security in the cloud.