Germanium orthogonal strip detectors with amorphous-semiconductor contacts

P.N. Luke, M. Amman, B.F. Phlips, W.N. Johnson, R.A. Kroeger
2000 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
Germanium orthogonal strip detectors have been produced using amorphous-semiconductor contacts. The amorphoussemiconductor contact fabrication process is relatively simple, and it is capable of producing fine-pitched electrode structures. The bipolar blocking behavior of the amorphoussemiconductor contact permits its use on both sides of a detector, replacing conventional B ion implanted and Li diffused contacts. A 5 × 5 orthogonal strip detector has been produced using this technique. Experimental results from this detector are presented.
doi:10.1109/23.872978 fatcat:cler6yoqhzdunezpcsqoyydrn4