Marketing strategy for Developing a Successful Sales profile; Especially in Banking sector

Shailendra Kumar Gupta, Asst Director
2017 International Journal of Marketing & Financial Management   unpublished
A marketing person without adequate marketing skills will destroy sales instead of increasing it. Marketing in banking sector needs not only selling skill, but adequate knowledge about banking world also. A good sales person requires right soft skills like positive attitude, good communication etc, and should adhere to the principles like handling objectives, follow up etc. For years the banking services industry has researched over and over again what their customers are looking for. What are
more » ... king for. What are the most important attributes to the relationship they have with their customer? What promises would be most likely to attract new customers? The word service is always at the top or near the top of the list. So what did the marketers and ad agencies do? They all claimed to have great service. But that misses the boat. People define service differently. After the banking sector reforms, marketing has developed as a more integrated function within financial service organizations like banks largely as a result of rapid changes in the operating environment. Banks Marketing is defined as a aggregate of function directed at providing service to satisfy customer"s financial needs and wants, more effectively than the competition keeping in view the organizational objective of the bank. The bank marketing has become a very complex yet interesting subject as it requires the knowledge of economics, sociology, psychology, banking and also core marketing concept.