Techniques in Multimodal Shortest Path in Public Transport Systems

David López, Angélica Lozano
2014 Transportation Research Procedia  
Four techniques used to find shortest paths in multimodal transport networks are discussed. The first technique pre-compute of all possible paths between any two points (Jariyasunant et al., 2010). The second one uses a set of rules to build an abstract graph and a relevant graph where the shortest path can be easily found (Ayed et al., 2011) . In the third technique, all the topologically similar paths which reach a given node are simultaneously updated (Ziliaskopoulos and Wardell, 2000) .
more » ... ardell, 2000) . Finally, the fourth technique builds a transport network using a database with a hierarchical structure (Wang et al., 2009) .
doi:10.1016/j.trpro.2014.10.068 fatcat:ooylo73g2vb3jcvmtjzdvkjqde