Simple Strategy for Finding Optimal Location and Size of Distributed Generators and SVC Devices in Radial Distribution Systems

2022 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
This study proposed a simple method for determining the best position and size of distributed generation (DG) and static VAR compensator (SVC) in the radial distribution system (RDS), as well as the impact of employing two different types of DG on total losses. The target functions are designed to reduce the system's overall power losses, improve the voltage stability margin (VSM), and reduce drop voltages. This method relies on the deployment of many sizes of DGs or SVCs in each bus and
more » ... ng their impacts of them on the system's overall losses and taking optimal sizing and placement of them if that given minimum losses. Moreover, the proposed strategy does not require extra work to set the parameter settings and weighting factors to obtain the objective functions. To assess the performance of the suggested approach, five instances were evaluated during DG and SVC installation in this study. The suggested approach is tested on the RDS's IEEE 33_bus and 69_bus to ensure its practicality. This method decreased losses by 92.72 % for IEEE 33_bus and 96.91 % for IEEE 69_bus. In the 33_bus, the minimum VSM is improved from 0.6674 to 0.9697 p.u, and the minimum bus voltage is improved from 0.9038 to 0.994 p.u. While in the 69_bus, the minimum VSM is enhanced from 0.6835 to 0.9761 p.u and the minimum bus voltage is enhanced from 0.9093 to 0.9958 p.u, with the results compared to other existing methodologies.
doi:10.22266/ijies2022.1031.24 fatcat:m2pwarfwlrg3roodzzoterlf2m