Interface de apoyo didáctico de Ciencia y Tecnología

Rafael Ocampo-Martínez, Brenda Juárez-Santiago, Marco Antonio Olivo-Flores, Jonathan Gómez-Velázquez
2019 Revista de Tecnología y Educación  
The classroom has not changed much since its inception as everyday places where knowledge is acquired at all school levels. Currently, our education has progressed moderately, although there is still much to be done in education and teaching aids. Students nowadays, regardless of their age, are growing in contact with a technological world which provides them with quick, easy and often low quality information. Due to this, and taking advantage of current technological resources, a didactic
more » ... es, a didactic interface was designed through a web environment open access. This interface has pneumatics material for the moment and allows to provide support to technical subjects through videos. Six videos were created and upload them in the developed platforms, which allow generating a better academic performance, the number of accesses to the platform and the reproductions of the videos allows observing the acceptance of the proposal that potentially will grow in time and options. Was applied a quiz to students of the engineering in mechatronics career of the UTSJR, where more than 70% they thought that the videos help them with understanding of their subjects and the students preferred that they make the videos.
doi:10.35429/jtae.2019. fatcat:othmpirlrzdzzgdludduqjh4dq