Distance Transform Based Hand Gestures Recognition For Powerpoint Presentation Navigation

Ram Rajesh J
2012 Advanced Computing An International Journal  
Information conveyed in seminars, project presentation or even in class rooms can be effective when slideshow presentation is used. There are various means to control slides which require devices like mouse, keyboard, or laser pointer etc. The disadvantage is one must have prior knowledge about the devices in order to operate them. This paper proposes two methods to control the slides during a presentation using bare hands and compares their efficiencies. The proposed methods employ hand
more » ... employ hand gestures given by the user as input. The gestures are identified by counting the number of active fingers and then slides are controlled. Unlike the conventional method for hand gesture recognition which makes use of gloves or markers or any other devices, this method does not require any additional devices and makes the user comfortable. The proposed method for gesture recognition does not require any database to identify a particular gesture. The experiment was tested under different kinds of light sources like incandescent bulb, fluorescent lamp and natural light.
doi:10.5121/acij.2012.3304 fatcat:bbbqb5azkffkpcvuagmiaunzlq