An Augmented Geospatial Service Web Based on QoS Constraints and Geospatial Service Semantic Relationships

Fengying Jin, Rui Li, Jianyuan Liang, Xianyuan Zhang, Huaqiao Xing, Zhipeng Gui, Huayi Wu
2022 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
The service network is capable of addressing large-scale service composition. However, existing service network works still have several limitations. Prior knowledge, such as expert-defined service chains, is not incorporated into the service network. QoS constraints are less considered in the service network, and thus the generated service chain does not always satisfy the optimal QoS constraints. Additionally, some basic services also require outputs to be used directly as inputs, which the
more » ... rvice network cannot provide. To address these limitations, this paper proposes a geospatial service web (GSW) model named SR-QoS-GSW that incorporates service semantic relationships and QoS information. The SR-QoS-GSW model consists of atomic services and composite services that consider QoS, processing services, data services, and relationships among them. A SR-QoS-GSW prototype was developed using 570 atomic services and 27 composite services and evaluated using two case studies—a river network extraction and an urban housing selection. Then, the information entropy and time complexity between SR-QoS-GSW and the existing service network were compared. The results show that geospatial service chains can be created more efficiently by incorporating existing service chains as composite services. Integrating QoS information into the GSW would allow service composition algorithms to generate service chains that satisfy optimal QoS constraints. The outputs of services used as new inputs with additional self-matching relationships also give the service network greater flexibility. Finally, the analysis of the information entropy and time complexity verified the increased diversity and decreased the search space of the SR-QoS-GSW.
doi:10.3390/ijgi11070357 fatcat:2l635k3odbft3lvqloqaqnbsje