Comments on Stuart Twemlow's "Misidentified flying objects? An integrated psychodynamic perspective on near-death experiences and UFO abductions"

1994 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
In addition to the hypotheses on UFO abductions and near death experiences described by Stuart Twemlow, another one has been put forward by researchers over the years that increases the complexity of the question of the reality of these experiences. Furthermore, there is some claimed physical evidence for abductions, while there is none for near-death experiences (NDEs). The exploration of unusual personal changes at the time of an abduction or NDE certainly warrants further attention, but
more » ... attention, but investigators should give the well-being of the experiencer top priority. Keith Basterfield has investigated both near-death and UFO experiences. Requests for reprints should be addressed to Mr.
doi:10.17514/jnds-1994-12-4-p225-227. fatcat:l2kgba7n5fb5pi5htk6t3567lm