Probability Grid Mapping system for aerial search

Muna Shabaneh, Sion Jennings, Abdullah Merei, Robert S. Allison
2009 2009 IEEE Toronto International Conference Science and Technology for Humanity (TIC-STH)  
Aerial search for targets on the ground is a challenging task and success depends on providing proper intelligence to the searchers. Recent advances in avionics enhanced and synthetic vision systems (ESVS) offer new opportunities to present this information to aircrew. This paper describes the concept and implementation of a new ESVS technique intended to support flight crews in aerial search for search and rescue missions and other guided search scenarios. Most enhanced vision systems for
more » ... ion have targeted the pilot in order to support flight and navigation tasks. The Probability Grid Mapping system (PGM) is unique in that it aims to improve the effectiveness of the other officer in the aircraft who is managing and performing the tactical mission. The PGM provides the searcher with an augmented, conformal, digital moving map of the search area that encodes the estimated probability of the target being found in various locations. A priori estimation of these probabilities allows for prioritization of search areas, reduces search duplication and improves coverage and ideally maximizes search effectiveness. The conformal 3D map is displayed with appropriate perspective projection using a head-slaved optical see-through head-mounted display allowing it to be registered with and augment the real world. To evaluate the system prior to flight test, a simulation environment was developed for study of the effectiveness of highlighting methods, update strategies, and probability mapping methods.
doi:10.1109/tic-sth.2009.5444443 fatcat:qpwig67tvfevtny6mlpuudsgsa