Contextualization of Women's Right to Marriage in Masid Tribal Society

2018 Anthropology: Open Access  
The United Nations has a long history of addressing women's human rights and much progress has been made in securing women's rights across the world in recent decades. However, important gaps remain and women's realities are constantly changing. Masid society is patriarchal in nature and the conventions related to matrimony also reflect this. This paper would provide insights into patriarchal marriage system and level of satisfaction of ego (Masid women) from this system. The sample consisted
more » ... sample consisted of 200 individuals from Masid community residing in Peshawar and D.I. Khan. This multisided study was conducted with the help of self-constructed questionnaire. Analysis of the descriptive results shows that right to choose spouse is with the parents and ego is satisfied with this role. It also shows that practices of forced marriages and honor killing are almost absent in contemporary masid community. The inferential analysis of the result shows that right to marriage and masid matrimonial cultural practices are inversely correlated, thus proving the hypothesis.
doi:10.29011/2688-8688/100023 fatcat:wie2zqscw5e45kpacf2dox64bq