Dr, Pravez Reza Mirlotfi
2016 International Journal Of Pharmacy & Technology   unpublished
The aim of this study is operational challenges of citizenship in border towns is (case study: Zabol). The present study is an applied research and research as descriptive-survey will be The study population consisted of citizens of the city of Babylon, The number of which is the 152 370 people who use the case study sample of 386 people. Has been collected through questionnaires. And its reliability was assessed using Cronbach's alpha. 75/0 reliability of the questionnaire was obtained,
more » ... as obtained, Therefore sensing reliability is very high. To test the hypotheses, Pearson correlation, multiple regression analysis, simple regression, path analysis has been used. The results indicate that there is a relationship between the operational challenges and citizenship rights. Standard impact factors show that the urban environment variable coefficient regression effect (Beta=639/0) is the strongest predictor of citizenship rights. Second place with coefficient regression effect (632/0 = Beta) variables related to social justice, the third by a factor of regression effect (145/0 = Beta) variables related to social security. So with the increasing challenges of implementation in Zabol, the rights of the citizenry. And highlights the direct relationship between the variables.